Karen Lang, author & illustrator

Karen Lang, author & illustrator

Karen Lang brings a varied background and expertise to the Martha the Mouse series.

She is, by original profession, an Occupational Therapist, having worked in adult psychiatry, and brings the creative problem solving approach that OT’s are so well trained for.

She is a practicing artist, sharing studio space and inspiration with 4 other very talented artists… And most notably, she is the mother of four very eclectic (now adult) children. This, in and of itself, provides a realistic and practical expertise to the challenges of day to day parenting. She has witnessed first hand some of their struggles with shyness, their fears, and their worries… and while there is never any perfect solution to this challenge, one can learn to manage it more effectively.

If you have any questions or would like to book the author for speaking engagements, feel free to contact Karen via email at: info@marthathemouse.ca