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They’re here…..

They're here!!

As some of you may already know, Martha the Mouse and gang have arrived, and the adventure has only just begun!  We do know that a few may have gone missing, and reports are beginning to trickle in, with sitings in any number of places……

Curiously, the mice are often described as confident, imaginative, unique…..and terribly cute.

If you see a mouse,……do not be alarmed…..proceed with caution, but most likely it is one of Martha’s many friends.  He or she is probably looking for someone with whom to share an adventure ….of just a simple activity.  They are easy to please, and very friendly.  Sign language is probably the best means of communication….the “open arms” esture is a universal symbol of “I am not armed?”, “I am friendly”, “I am yours”, “Let’s play!”  The mouse will understand.

Give him or her a name, and use it often so the mouse will learn it. As a back up, he or she will always answer to “Martha”…….that’s just the way it is.

He or she will be loyal and true to you, always inspiring and encouraging in life’s adventure.

Take the mouse on your’s………

We are asking people to please share any Martha sightings…..and we will keep everyone posted as to their whereabouts and any interesting adventures.